Friday, 25 June 2010

New sketches and stuff

Heres acouple of sketches I did in the last week, I've been mainly trying out pro markers, pens and sharpies over the last couple of weeks, It's been really fun, im enjoyin' them alot. Il try and post up some new sketches every week to show improvement.

The sketches are of mainly random ideas I had rolling around my head, may try and do a short comic soon but for now heres some basic concept art.

Sketch of a Robot sheriff being gunned down.

Heres the image after photoshop:

Heres a quick sketch of the Robot sheriff in the previous image:

Heres a sketch of a Robot I altered in photoshop:

A quick sketch of a women reloading a gun:

Sketches of some angel concepts for a project im workin' on:

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